BBC News live and BBC 2

Education Covid catch-up funding. Response to a new report from the EPI regarding amount of catch-up funding possibly required to ensure current children do not suffer a Covid related life time earnings loss. Oct '21

DAB Oxfordshire Radio

Interview to share details re: free catch up online lessons available to Oxfordshire children over the summer '21.

BBC South East- 6 O'clock news

Sharing a new innovative charitable organisation- Oxfordshire Invicta Academy designed to support children in Oxfordshire post lockdown summer '20 to catch up and feel confident ahead of returning to school in Sept '20. 

BBC Here East

Speaking to BBC at a 'Candidate's lunch' during the MEP elections in May '17.



Breakthrough Britain:

This report is an extremely comprehensive study and series of 190 policy recommendations that seek to reverse social breakdown in the UK today and control it's rising cost to society. 4th July 2007


Couldn't care Less:

A report into the state of our care system published on the 8th Sept 2008


Social enterprise for public service: how does the third sector deliver?:

A timely look into the growing role of social enterprise in supporting charitable organisation and goals, with a specific focus on the importance of grass roots organisations and capacity building and capability constraints.