About Juliette Ash

Dear fellow residents,

Thank you for electing me to be your County Councillor on the 6th May with 50% of the vote. 

I have been committed to our local communities and involved in policy making and politics for over 14 years. I am proud to be a respected local community champion in Oxford where I am known for bringing a sharp, fresh, authentic, positive and constructively critical eye to policies and local challenges.  For example, during lockdown when families were concurrently working & home schooling, I helped develop Invicta Academy, a national online catch up tuition service that many of our Councillors & the Secretary of State for Education went on to support. I personally brought it to Oxfordshire, one of only four counties that benefitted, bringing a positive offering for many. BBC Radio Oxford & The Oxford Mail both highlighted and praised the project. 

I have a strong background in education having written policy for the Centre for Social Justice regarding educational failure. In addition, I have spent 5.5 years as a Governor at a local state school in Oxford seeing those very policies and others implemented and have spent a significant amount of time ensuring that values are upheld and standards are raised.

In addition, I am a serving reservist with HM Forces and have been recently involved in providing strategy and direction for the military support in the Covid pandemic. I am accustomed to working in the public sector to bring about positive change and get things done for residents. If elected I would be looking to:

  • Influence National Government to ensure Oxfordshire gets its fair share or more of resources, especially regarding infrastructure.
  • Run a road safety review to help tackle the transport issues we face, particularly road safety on the A420 and A415.
  • Seek to find solutions for the high number of aggregate lorries and HGVs passing through our villages. 
  • Work hard to ensure we are environmentally friendly and create policies that support active travel and healthy lifestyles. 
  • Bring about better outcomes for children & families in youth services & education.
  • Pro-actively support high levels of employment and ensure we continue on the trajectory of being a science and tech countrywide leader.
  • Work hard to ensure that as the district local plans are delivered, the most effective solutions are found e.g: regarding the challenge of siting new housing.

I look forward to meeting you in due course but please feel free to message me via my contact page with any questions in the meantime.