Improve the safety of the A420

Juliette is campaigning to see increased road safety measures along the A420 in Kingston and Cumnor and beyond. 

The A420 is a trunk road that has seen an increased number of accidents and near misses rise to an unacceptable level as Oxfordshire's population has increased and shopping trends have changed to include more home deliveries with associated HGV movements across the UK. 

Concerned residents have come together but no action has yet been taken to bring about potential upgrades. 

Juliette is campaigning to organise a full road safety review and will do this if elected to the County Council on May the 6th 2021 which could deliver upgrades such as:

-re-designation to status as a local trunk road in order to limit excessive HGV usage. 

-new bus stops

-pedestrian walkways

-speed transition review

In order to create a safer road for our community.