Improve educational outcomes & standards for Oxfordshire children

After the success of the Invicta National Academy over the summer holidays providing free catch up lessons for thousands of Oxfordshire children, I am calling on all schools to use some of their £80 per child Covid catch up funding on tailored online provision for those that are behind. 

Attendance levels for online tuition at home have been very high, over 95% in the summer of '20. Parents reported a high quality rating of 8.5/10 in reviews. 

"My kids felt it was a great format, very helpful and both enjoyed it and seemed to gain a lot from it.  So well done to the entire team and all involved in this pop up school.   It has been much appreciated."  

"My children are using your online classes and for once they are engaged and working."

I am encouraging all local schools to continue using this format to provide targeted support to those that are behind. 

Adding another HLTA or delivering some extra training for quality first teaching will increase the overall provision for all, but is not as effective as offering the few in each class of 30 that are struggling, tailored, specific support that they can work through outside of the hustle and bustle of the classroom.