Action on climate change- carbon neutral by 2030

Juliette is committed to the County Council becoming carbon neutral across its estate by 2030. 

She is pleased with action that has been taken in this area to date such as changing 16,000 street lamps to LEDs and achieving the highest recycling rate for the 7th year in a row. 

She is also committed to doing more and thinks Oxfordshire should aspire to becoming a national leader on environmentally supportive policies such as:

- Promoting active travel schemes; walking & cycling

- Introducing cycle paths and footpaths to support public transport ie: bus and rail use. 

-Supporting the Conservative led re-opening of Grove rail station using the "restore your railways" fund to reduce car travel. 

- Becoming the first area to designate our rivers to achieve swimmer friendly status and prevent raw sewage being released in to them. 

-Supporting environmentally friendly building choices; we have delivered brick and tile for decades, are there other more sustainable, energy efficient options? 

-Supporting 100% fast broadband coverage to reduce the need for commuting.